Paranormal Activity In a Hotel Room – A Fact Or A Scuttlebutt

Are you scared of ghosts? Have you ever experienced talking with a ghost? What would you do when you see one? Did it ever cross your mind that if by chance you encounter a ghost you will talk or you will scurry away? But what if the ghost is right beside you in your hotel room? What will you do? You’ll bolt out of the room? Scary, is it?

Experience-wise I know a lot of deaths occur at the construction site while a certain hotel is being constructed. Especially high rise hotels like the 22 storey hotel I worked before. Engineers, masons, electricians as well as ordinary laborers lay down their lives to erect a splendid and glamorous five star hotel. And as superstitious as we are, we know that if people dies in an accident their spirit will be displace or simply not at rest, consequently making them intrude the peace and serenity of the living that comes near the place where they draw their last breath.

Testimonials from around the world continue to circulate regarding paranormal activities not just around private residences but also in schools, hospitals, restaurants, and above all in pension houses and hotels. Stories like footsteps walking around the room even if nobody is occupying. There are also tales of seeing a ghost appearing at the mirror, faucets opened by nobody and blood coming from showers, having the feeling of being watched and finding someone in the elevator and in an instant vanish like smoke etc. 성남룸싸롱

Sounds like the story of a typical scary movie, right? But these are real experience of a person I know so well. All of these are just some of the paranormal activities she encountered in a hotel room she had occupied two years ago somewhere in a metropolitan city. According to the old folks it was the room of a lady who has been raped inside that hotel room. And up to the present the rapist and killer is still on the run. After her hair creepy, blood curdling and petrifying experience she vowed never to occupy a hotel room by herself again.

In addition paranormal activity in a hotel is not just a grapevine or a rumor spread by bystanders or by old folks. It is a real life experience of somebody who encountered it. It doesn’t happen here in our place but it’s been happening around the globe. And a lot of people are living witness and can testify what they have experienced proving that paranormal activity in hotel rooms is not hearsay it is real.


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